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BIG NEWS: Sweet Tooth has just won in the Gay/Lesbian Nonfiction category of the International Book Awards! 



Hello! Welcome to the Internet website of Tim Anderson, author of Tune in Tokyo: The Gaijin Diaries (2011) and the newly released Sweet Tooth (March 2014). He also writes YA historical fiction under the name T. Neill Anderson. I know!


Back to the adult stuff: Do you need some new books for your bathroom magazine rack? A great way to pass the time at work when you're not reading all the Internet? Or something tawdry yet tender to take with you on your terrible family vacation? You've come to the right place! Or, rather, the right-ish place. Really, you should go to Amazon and treat yo self, then come back here and say hi. You can also visit me at my dumb blog and on Facebook, where the unwashed masses congregate to tell us all about which Facts of Life character they are. (I'm Tootie!)


Thanks! And you're welcome!

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